When we started our search for sheep back in 2021, we had some characteristics in mind that the Gotland Sheep seem to meet. We wanted a small, friendly sheep that had excellent fleece, was naturally polled and had naturally short tails. The more research we did, the more convinced we were that the Gotland sheep were the right fit for us and our farm.

The next step was to find a breeder! Gotland sheep are quite rare in Canada so we were so happy to find an amazing breeder in Nova Scotia just a few hours from our farm with some very nice, high percentage/North American Purebred Gotlands. We are thrilled to have these sheep as the foundation for Iron Maple Gotlands. We are so thankful to John and Veronica from Dover Farm for allowing us to use their beautiful gotlands as the foundation of our flock.

For more information on Gotland sheep, please click on the link below.

American Gotland Sheep Society